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Design & Development
Y Simple

First Impressions

Y-Simple was originally a website development company. The purpose of their original site was for users to inquire about a new website development project and someone on Y-Simple's team would reach back out to them. Y-Simple reached out to me requesting a Webflow redesign as they were going through a complete company change, rather than a website development company, they now specialized in QR and NFC technologies, meaning they needed a website to represent this ASAP.

What I Had To Do

I was tasked with designing and developing a completely new look for Y-Simple's website. Since Y-Simple was now an entirely different company, the site's content needed to show this. I had to conduct lots of research on QR and NFC technologies so I could properly represent the company. Using Figma to design and Webflow to develop, I was excited to get started on this project.

“We need a website that better represents our new company”

Additional Content

This was my first encounter with handling an entire rebrand online. I had to properly understand what Y-Simple was as a company, which required research and constant questions from me to the company. I had a lot of fun learning about new technologies while designing this website and I believe doing this research benefited greatly to the development process.


Y-Simple was very pleased with their new website. It properly represented their new company and what they specialize in and new visitors to the site loved the overall visual design.