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Design & Development
Rebel's Car Club

First Impressions

Before starting on this project, the organizer of the Burlington Charity, Rebel's Classic Car Club, had created a site using Wordpress. This site was certainly out of date and there were a lot of major design flaws that were confusing users. The information on the site was messy and it was clear that it was in need of a redesign. The goal for this project was to create a new website that would easily inform visitors about all the important information about the club.

What I Had To Do

My task was to design and develop a new website for Rebel's Car Club. This required me to further understand what this charity is all about, so I could properly identify which information would be the most important for any potential visitor. I also had to keep in mind that most visitors of this charity are in the older demographic, so the use of flashy animations or things like such could take away from the experience rather than add to it.

“We need a site that our members will be able to use and understand easily.”

Additional Content

A key factor for this site was to ensure that information was displayed clearly and effectively. One section of this site that does a great job at this is the calendar section. This was a widget that I had custom coded and implemented into the Webflow site. It was well designed both visually and interactively, users can view the calendar dates and events easily on their screen, and if they want more information on a certain day, all they would need to do is click on an event and the information would appear in a dropdown-like form.


The feedback from the new and improved Rebel's site was overwhelming. Everyone from the club was very enthusiastic about the website and was giving high praise for it being a major improvement from the last. I've been told by event organizers that the site has helped them communicate with members of the community and that they are able to make easy changes to the site due to the way I had set it up for them. Overall, a great success.